Outrun your mind and take charge of your motivation today!

Did you know the self help section in Dymocks has changed to ‘Motivation’?!

When you think about it, ‘Motivation’ has a much more positive spin on bringing out the best in you.

Let’s break the word motivation down for the sake of curiosity.


  • a reason for doing something
  • producing physical or mechanical motion


  • denoting an action or instance of it

For some reason this makes me think of ‘The Train of Thought’, from the movie Inside Out!

‘The Train of Thought’ is always moving, except when Riley is sleeping. It’s so characteristic of our brain, always moving but sometimes forgetting to take our body with it. It’s kind of a good thing though; I mean can you imagine if we always acted physically on our emotions? Based on the Richter scale of stress circulating our modern world, a stampede of angry peeps could very well produce a tidal wave!

  • But what if we acted on our emotions in a positive way?
  • Did some problem solving on the move?
  • Took in our surroundings instead of burying our head in the web of our mobile device?

The simple act of channelling our thoughts into positive action can result in motivation.

What’s your motive? Let’s not think too much about this, I can feel my finger tips twitching. It’s so tempting to ask Google for some inspiration here; now is probably a good time to grab your sneakers!

Motivation Sneakers

While you’re doing up your shoe laces, start to notice your energy levels increase. Your train of thought is changing tracks, there’s not much time to outrun it, so you better take some action.

Changing habits can ignite a spark of motivation in your mind.

Challenging your normal behaviours is a great way to get started. Even better, planning ahead can help you foresee any challenges, and help you outrun them in a calm and purposeful manner.

“People often feel more motivation when they feel like they have control over what is going to happen.” – about health

Lost control? Thinking of giving up? Not so fast! It’s just another hurdle in disguise. Take it back to the beginning, sneakers on, check! Or make a plan to head out later.

Check your mood, feeling like staying in? Make it easy on yourself and take a walk in your comfy clothes.

Motivation Small Steps

Got a little spark of enthusiasm? Grab that active wear and show those leggings who’s boss.

Need a pick me up? Now you have permission to jump on the net. Head to www.greengoodnessco.com.au to #findhealthyourway.

You’ll discover heaps of inspo to get moving!

Book a class, roll up your exercise mat and hit the town. There’s a world of wellness warriors waiting to welcome you.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” – Source unknown

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    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the read 😊 Hope it helps!

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  1. lexilife says:

    Great post! I never knew that about the word motivation! Thanks for sharing though – learn something new everyday! xx



    1. No worries! So glad I could help 😊


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