Here’s How to Find Your Workout Mojo Just in Time for Summer!


If your workout is starting to feel like a chore, you may be missing the point. Got a pen and paper handy? Step one, write down why you workout. Does that reason make you smile or are you screwing up your nose and jumping on the shame train?

Playground workout 2I have good news, feeling the burn is only half the story. Take five minutes to observe your kids at the park, or borrow your nieces & nephews. What themes do you notice? Are they saying, “oh I really need to work on engaging my lats, and my triceps are a bit flabby.” In the words of Amy Winehouse, “No. No. No!” They are likely aiming to get to the other side of the monkey bars without falling off! If indeed they do drop to the ground, they get back up and do it again! Each time gaining strength and confidence and NEVER punishing themselves for not making it. They simply move on to the next fun challenge!

bike and balloons

Just like learning to ride a bike, children gain resilience in the playground and find joy in movement. Put on your ‘play clothes’, denims, canvas kicks and a fave t-shirt perhaps? Jump on your bike and cruise the streets. Ride with a friend or partner and try to beat each other up that big hill! Ride to the local coffee shop and get your social on, then jump on the treadly for another lap, maybe stop off at the playground on the way home! Be nice big kids, you might have found your workout mojo but little ones might not understand your new fitness regime, so do get in line and be patient 😊 I know you will!

When it comes time to hit the beach this summer, take this playful new attitude with you! There’s no room for body shaming when there’s fun to be had! If you’re a people watcher, let your eyes find the fun and avoid the comparison trap. Studies show we reflect other peoples’ mood, so make it a happy one! Use your mindfulness skills to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and smile from within. If your mind is going into dangerous territory, sit with your breath and watch the lapping waves for a while, this will help you to find perspective and realise there are much larger forces at work than the way you look in your togs. And I know you look fabulous because by now you’re likely letting your inner child shine through.

Have fun!

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