Overwhelmed? Learn Why Trusting your Body is the Ultimate Road to Health


Health seems to be an extreme sport these days! In my own humble opinion, it really doesn’t need to be. Some of the info out there is kinda scary! I like my coffee, but coffee enemas? Argh! Our bodies are super doopa intelligent and I think perhaps it’s easy to forget this when we’re bombarded with a whacked out amount of ‘health’ messages each day. We’re all on our own journey and I must say, it’s not up to me or anyone else to judge each individual as they navigate their bod and what works for them.

Did you know our body is constantly detoxing? I’m not keen on the juice cleanses out there but I certainly recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day and moving our bodies. This helps to cleanse our lymphatic system which mops up what I will simply call ‘bugs’ in the body. Then there’s all of those tiny hairs (sort of like the ones in your nose), which help sweep away waste. Juice is a great way to top up on vitamins and other nutrients, but I personally wouldn’t recommend drinking only juice or even drinking only water, without a variety of delicious fresh food on your plate throughout the day.

I think there’s a lot to be said about control when it comes to health. Perhaps our ‘control factor’ stems from fear?? What are we afraid of? Fear is related to anxiety and much of the well researched literature on this subject encourages us to work with our anxiety, rather than against it. Imagine having a micro manager rule your life? Argh! How must our body feel when we try and control it? It’s probably like, “eff you, I know what I’m doing bi-atch, give me a break!” I know that’s what I’ve thought in past careers when the micro manager comes knocking at my cubicle. I think when we learn to trust our bodies and our instincts we can create harmony and that’s what helps our body and mind operate optimally.

The article below may give you some fresh insight into health and body image. I wrote this with vehement passion and commitment, refusing to change out of my pyjamas until all the words within me had been wrung out. (Must have been my instincts banging on the door!)

Link 👉 Delve into your intuition for some Instasexy eating tips


I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear your thoughts 😊

💕 Your balanced Foodie

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