Falling in Love with High Tea – Rochelle Style

The teenage girl lusting over the dreamy guy, it’s a well known, tried and tested recipe, and it works. Dawson’s Creek? Dawson and Joey, those swings, Sixpence None the Richer’s song Kiss Me lingering between the two longing teenagers. I invested so much into this love story that I played the song at my wedding. Finally, a fairytale ending!

This is the kind of lust Rochelle Adonis draws out in visitors to her high tea haven. The sheer romance the styling evokes, is enough to draw you into this beautiful world of tiny treats, boasting an elegant selection of teas. From the service, to the whimsical arrangement of roses, eclectic fine china and crystal, you’ll feel like Cinderella after she’s married the Prince.

Your happily ever after commences with very royal cucumber sandwiches. Followed by a sublime savoury selection.


Rochelle Adonis is no stranger to Royalty, her time in London circa 1990’s, was “spent working in an exclusive wedding cake boutique making cakes for both the British and Saudi royal families”. In 1998 Rochelle focused her efforts on restaurants to hone her skills. As Matt Moran’s head pastry chef, Rochelle soon became well nuanced in her creation of fine plated desserts, gorgeous cakes, tarts and ice creams.”


This plate of pure pleasure is a feast for the eyes as well as the palette. Each delicacy has a texture of it’s own. Chocolate soil hidden in the creamy mango topped mousse was a delightful surprise, and a great contrast to the sweet and creamy dessert. The podgy doughnut evoked memories of a childhood riding bikes around Rottnest, and the popular jam and cream bun people would line up for at the bakery. Cream puffs are an absolute favourite! Infuse the cream with peanut butter and… you had me at hello.

I was the last person to leave this beautiful place, thankfully my friend was there to drag me out, I had become a little attached. Farewell mystical palace of high tea delights. I will dream of you until our next dalliance.

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