Garnishfood Anniversary: Celebrating 2 Years & ‘Creative Geniuses’

Happy 2nd Birthday garnishfood!

What would a birthday be without a crowd to help you celebrate? This post is dedicated to you. Writing garnishfood started out as a creative outlet for me, and has grown into a place for readers to chillax, pull up a cushion and be entertained and informed. It is a great joy to write with the intention of entertaining and uplifting an audience.

“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained” – Walt Disney Company

This is something I’m learning as I go, and I thank you for your patience. Elizabeth Gilbert’s “funny, personal and surprisingly moving talk” below, discusses our ‘elusive creative genius’. This concept really resonates with me. Attending a course with the Australian Writers’ Centre this year, was like taking singing lessons for writing. I feel like I’m singing (writing) more in tune now, and taming my ‘creative genius’. Like the conductor of an orchestra, when I lift my hand to write (type), I feel more connected with the violin strings and the breath that blows melody from a trumpet. It’s uncanny that I’m also putting my analogies to good use! Thankfully they also work great for imagery cues in Pilates, although I’m still working on cropping some of these images, (so we don’t all fall off the map, when we’re navigating my imagination!)

It is my pleasure to present to you, Ms Elizabeth Gilbert. Have fun taming your own ‘creative genius’, if you are tapping into this concept for the first time, welcome!

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