Fishy Tales & Challenges of Abundance



Are you looking for new ways to spruce up your meals and a good excuse to eat pizza? WELL my latest hero Zoe Nicholson of figureate challenged her followers to try Sardines yesterday and after seeing how delicious her Sardine & Spinach Grilled Pita looked and the health benefits of these li’l fishies, I geared up for the challenge.

I’m officially calling it a Pizza as the words spinach, grilled and pita make it sound way too healthy when it tastes so great! I don’t want people to be turned off by the name! Although those who are not so keen on fish may have walked when they saw my post title or intrepid adventurers who came to read my post may have seen Sardines and ran a mile! It’s true! I mean, sardines didn’t appeal to me at first either. I only just fed some to my dog a month ago on recommendation from his vet for the omega 3 benefits but never thought to try them myself. I’m a big fan of disguising food for flavour though and this combo won me over 🏆(Winner!) 😉

The Recipe

Enjoy! 🐟🍕

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