Finding Balance

Question. Is googling at the traffic lights illegal? And I don’t mean checking out the peeps in the cars next to me. I’m talking Google as in Dr Google, the cyber universe of answers.

So what was I googling that couldn’t wait til I got home? Funny you should ask! Still retaining some Control Freak residue and having finished work for the night, I felt the need to break free from the chains (Wilson Phillips style… “Break free break free from the chaa-Ains!” After reading this post, feel free to google if you don’t know this song šŸ˜‰)

Back to the topic at hand. So after pre-preparing some tomato soup before work, I knew that dinner wasn’t exactly going to float my boat and often when I leave work, I smell Phantom Chinese food in the air. A bit of history, my family have a tradition of going out for Chinese, we even have a local that Mum and Dad still go to now that us kids have flown from the nest. I used to draw on the paper place mats when I was a little girl and we’ve celebrated many occasions with a good dose of Chinese. So the smell of Chow tucker in the air is rather appealing to my senses. Hence forth, my taste buds began to tingle for a taste of fried rice. I google searched the Chinese restaurant I new of in my area but I wasn’t sure of the name (something Palace?) turns out there’s more than one in the span of a kilometre, both with Palace in the name as I rocked up to the wrong place to pick up my take away order! Haha!

So after eating my rice, very satisfying at the time, (washed down with a glass of wine) I realised why I usually make healthier choices. I felt weighed down by the oily nature of this type of food, not mentally but physically. It takes longer for the digestive system to break down lipids in oily foods so I was stuck with a bloated tummy when I went to bed and had a dry sensation in my mouth, from the salt or additives I presume (and the wine of course!). I still have a deep emotional connection with Chinese food and it is enjoyable but I’m glad I had this experience. This is why mindful eating is more important than being a control freak who counts calories. (Mindfulness is “the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment”). As Lorna Jane says “counting calories is risky business and can take the joy out of healthy living. Listen to your body and nourish it from the inside out”. Well said LJ! In saying that though, it doesn’t hurt to listen to your cravings every now and then, just don’t over do it. The more we deny ourselves, the more we salivate for that exact thing! Hence the reason I googled my local Chow joint.

Anyhoo, I hope you found that entertaining and got some goodness from it too.

Have a balanced day šŸ˜Š


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