Foodie’s Freedom Rebjorn!


Most of you will already know my tood to food. That is, I believe all quality food is good for us, even the most indulgent of treats. My philosophy is when food is respected, eaten in moderation and prepared mindfully, it is nourishing for both body and mind.

Well as of late, my healthy relationship with food has been challenged. I fell into the trap of jumping on the scales after winter and a stressful couple of weeks leading up to an assessment, during which time I turned to chocolate for comfort (no biggie right! I mean the primitive brain was just trying to tell me something, “you’re too stressed, maybe you should re-evaluate your response to this situation” Or “I can see that you’re stressed right now, you need extra energy to get you through this challenging time, have some energy dense chocolate”. Anyhoo, note to self:

“Scales only tell you the numerical value of your gravitational pull, NOT how beautiful you are, how much your friends & family love you or how amazing you are.”

The “numerical value of my gravitational pull” was certainly not the end of the world, even though my primitive brain switched into unhelpful mode, deciding that it indeed would be the end of all mankind if I did not lose 3kgs. Take a chill pill duuude! But alas, my brain did not get the memo about the chill pill, leading to my alter ego AKA control freak rearing it’s ugly, obsessive head. After tuning in to some unhelpful thought patterns, coupled with my recent exposure to an extreme fitness frantic, I was well on my way to be becoming a tray full of rock cakes instead of beautifully prepared fluffy scones. The fluffy scone in me was banging on my brain saying “Stop! This is against your values”, while the rock cake was saying “Take control, knead that dough into submission, show it who’s boss!” Well we all know the result of kneading dough excessively… yes, rock cakes! Who wants to bite into a scone and break their teeth?! Not me! So unsurprisingly, after reading the following words from figureate’s Zoe Nicholson (impeccable timing Zoe and Rhea 👍) I felt the stress melt away like the comfort of a warming hot chocolate. I took the healing step of tipping out that metaphorical dough (are y’all still with me?!), grabbed another packet of flour and began delicately kneading my lifestyle and rehauling my thought process for a happier outcome. See below for a word infused hot chocolate. Mmmm! ☕️

I would love to hear your comments on this post and your thoughts on the information below. Have you had a similar experience?

Until next time, be kind to yourself ☺️

“Could extreme health be harming you?

Guest post by nutrition student and aspiring dietitian, Rhea Mills.

Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites are becoming flooded with images of ‪#‎fitsporation‬. The ‪#‎fitfam‬ are posting pictures of toned bodies, “clean” meals and rigorous workouts. It’s great that people from all walks of life are becoming more engaged with health and fitness, and showing an interest in eating better and exercising more. On the flip side however, some people can start taking things to extremes. Do you often find yourself scrolling through pages and pages of this fitsporation only to feel guilty that you don’t look like that girl, or you ate a treat that wasn’t “clean” so you must have done something wrong etc. This fixation on being perfect in all aspects of our lives can get dangerously out of control, and comparison is the worst thing we can do for our mental health.

Take a step back. Images can be altered, the photo you see of that perfect salad may have been the only good thing eaten that day, the before and after shots didn’t happen in a week and just because someone may be “skinnier” or “fitter” than you it doesn’t necessarily make them happier.

If you find yourself fixating over every meal, experiencing unnecessary anxiety or guilt from a skipped workout, and becoming overwhelmed in general with keeping up an unrealistic schedule in order to maintain or achieve a certain body, you may need some help finding some balance in your life.

Eating well and exercising are important to maintain a body that gets you comfortably through life. Your body shape, weight or size does not determine your happiness. Eating enough good, whole food to provide the energy that you need during the day, and exercising for pleasure and general health should be a part of your life, not the focus of it.

Relaxing your thoughts and attitudes towards all types of foods, be they healthy or “unhealthy”, can allow you to enjoy all aspects of life without worrying or experiencing anxiety and guilt. A dietitian can help you to achieve some balance if you feel overwhelmed.

Please share this excellent piece with anyone you feel may benefit.”

But wait there’s more coz I’m bringin’ sexy back y’all!!! 👠

“Making ‘Moderation’ SEXY!

5 brilliant reasons to learn to LOVE all food in moderation.

1) You can go to your favourite cafe and enjoy anything you feel like, be it pizza & chips or a gourmet platter of pate, prosciutto and French cheese, without feeling guilty.

2) You can enjoy a little chocolate whenever and wherever you feel like it.

3) You can throw a dinner party with abandon! Enjoy an entree, main and dessert (along with your favourite wines) without worrying about putting on weight.

4) You’ll feel free to eat anything you feel like on holidays (or special occasions). And even if you gain a kilo or two while away, you’ll lose it again quickly once you’re home and back to your usual routine.

5) You’ll finally stop worrying about your weight, your health and what you can and can’t (or should and shouldn’t) eat.

Don’t believe me? Try asking someone you know who seems to manage their health and eating without too much effort.

Need help? See an accredited practising dietitian, one of our passions is helping you learn to enjoy all food in moderation.

If you love food and the pleasure of eating, please feel free to share this post.”

Check out what the awesome figureate team is up to here

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