Stress Down Day

Happy Stress Down Day!

Sometimes our internal world collides with our external world causing static in our lives, much like the way thunder and lightning come about. This can cause grey skies and fuzzy thinking for a day, week, month or even longer for some. Some call this stress, stress for the most part rides with us day to day and is a functional element in our life. However if the storm does not subside, we can be overcome by the bad weather in our life and find it difficult to cope. This may surface itself as anxiety or depression. AKA IT and/or The Black Dog. Today is Stress Down Day and I am doing my part to raise awareness of mental health and Lifeline! A not for profit organisation helping people all over Australia to understand the storm in their life, providing valuable tools to help people cope in these times.

What is your best stress down tip? What works for you when the grey clouds roll over? Do you find helpful ways to ride the storm?

Drop by Lifeline: for more info or if you’d like to donate!


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