The Raw Kitchen


No longer a quaint corner cafe, The Raw Kitchen is now a bustling industrially stylised hub for foodies and health nuts alike. I am affectionately calling it The Roar Kitchen (picture MGM Studio’s growling lion) purely for it’s sheer increase in size and function. Now a restaurant, featuring it’s well known plant-based cuisine, this healthy haven is also home to a yoga and pilates fitness studio, plus sea container gallery where local art work and fashion items such as hand dyed scarves are displayed.

Today it took all my effort not to order my favourite dish the raw nachos and branch out I did. The live zucchini “pasta” was very Heston Blumenthalesque a look-a-like pasta dish packed full of nutrients! To keep with the raw theme, the meal was served cold so it was rather like eating a flavourful salad, though the flavour of a traditional tomato based pasta dish was front stage centre. The pieces of mushroom had me thinking I was eating chicken (which is a good thing in my books since I’m not vegetarian). The dish was also complimented with avocado, basil, kalamata olives, the raw version of parmesan cheese (secret recipe) and a sprinkling of cracked pepper.

The Raw Kitchen is now boasting table service and there is plenty of seating – it’s worth checking out if you’re in the mood to try something new!

The Raw Kitchen

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