Expect the unexpected – a quiet meal whilst being serenaded by tropical tunes was not on the cards for us tonight and lucky for us! We stepped into the theatre of the iron grill this evening and enjoyed the performance of our Chef/Juggler/Magician/Comedian!

This Teppanyaki restaurant relies on audience participation to bring the show to life, there was no hiding in the shadows. We threw eggs in the air for the Chef to catch in his hat, dipped our finger in flaming brandy (not to be tried at home!) and caught a bowl of rice for our supper.

The food was a delicious array of bite sized portions with generous flavour. The main characters featured on the grill were garlic, butter and soy sauce. It seems one can work wonders with these key ingredients.

To finish off the meal we had a green tea icecream crepe.


It was a memorably fun night accompanied by great service.



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