Happy New Year!

Update - August 2013 086

I love the generosity of a new year, it brings hope, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and it leaves you with a little movie montage of the year that has been.

2013 was a cracker! There were some major personal milestones and plenty of a-ha moments. Among the eventfulness of 2013 I became an archaeologist of my own life and uncovered my passion for food! It had always been there but I’d never displayed it proudly on the mantel piece before or thought to pursue this interest more seriously. How could I forget that pop up Diner I used to run at home throughout my childhood? Chopping onions in my pyjamas whilst wearing my goggle and snorkel, making smoothies with the Breville Wizz Stick that I got for Christmas one year from Grandma with whom I baked many a slice with in the school holidays. Those cooking classes that I’d taken all through high school, these memories never stuck out so much as they did in 2013. Food had become a part of me without me even realising and with much gusto I went on to create garnishfood! 53 posts, 3 themes later and some Foodie Fiction underway, here we are in 2014.

I wish you all the best for this brand spankin’, shiny new year and look forward to sharing more fresh food and funky ideas with you all.

p.s. Do you have a theme word for this year? I think mine is going to be “invigorate”.

As one of my foodie idols loves to say… “BON Appétit!”


New Year’s day feast: Pulled Pork Baguette

Update - August 2013 048

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