My First Night with Julia Child


I’ve spent countless hours studying the movie Julie and Julia and this Christmas, my husband gave in to my obsession and gifted me with Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Now I’m 1 recipe down, 523 to go! Not that I’m counting, after a good few hours in the kitchen cooking Homard aux Aromates (Lobster Steamed in Wine with Herb Sauce), I have a new admiration for Julie Powell who cooked her way through Child’s cook book in just 1 year.

Cooking with what I will describe as “giant prawns” is somewhat intimidating. Lobster or Crayfish as we use in Australia have giant feelers (antennas) and plenty of spikes. I felt the shudder Amy Adams cleverly portrayed of Julie Powell when she added the crayfish to the pot, however I was not as brave as Julie and opted out of cooking with live shellfish. I think cooking with any whole animal is brave, I felt so sorry for the little critters but as a foodie I feel it is my duty to try everything, especially a delicacy such as this.

Fish eggs? Well that’s another story.

I omitted the shells from my dish and just chopped up the cooked Crayfish meat and put it into the pot with the wine and herb sauce. The result was what looked to be an entrée which could be served at a fancy restaurant, somewhat of a Crayfish Soup. It was flavoursome, creamy and delicious. Sinfully laden with butter and cream but I feel that I earned every last drop, it was so rewarding cooking Crayfish for the first time and spending my first night in the kitchen with Julia Child. Her wisdom leaps off the page and her passion to teach is evident in her very helpful instructions. Julia is teaching me to be a better cook one recipe at a time.

And so my food journey continues…



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