‘Tis the season!

A little update from Foodie will be sure to explain why the blog you have come to love looks a little… Different.

I’m embracing Christmas with open arms this year as I’ve been given the gift of time. A whole lot more time in fact to deck the halls and make Christmas treats for all! It feels like the good ole days when we would get six weeks off at the end of the school year. The smell of freshly cut grass, swimming for hours in the pool, followed by a good dose of chicken in a biscuit crackers and a lemonade to wash them down. Endless Christmas shows on TV, making apricot “snow” balls, putting up the Christmas tree, listening to Patsy Biscoe’s Christmas LP… What wonderful memories, I never imagined that one day my childhood would be over and I’d be working right up until Christmas. It’s no wonder that Christmas lost it’s magic for a while. Well with my new found freedom, I am rediscovering the magic!

Lets celebrate Christmas garnishfood style! You’re all invited to the festivities, keep an eye out for what’s in store.

I’d love to hear about your Christmas memories, feel free to share as though you are a guest at my Christmas table.

Our dog used to open his own presents on Christmas morning as well! So cute!
(Picture courtesy of fanpop.com)

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