Red Wine Burgers

Yes that’s right! Who would have thought these words would coexist?! Well this story all started with a MasterFoods sachet. Feeling a little lazy – I picked this packet up at the shops…


How great are they by the way? Just go to the MasterFoods aisle check the ingredients list and voila! Dinner is sorted. Anyway, I digress… So I bought a bottle of wine for this delicious slow cooker recipe and hardly scraped it’s surface! With the majority of the bottle left over and the fact that I’m staying off alcohol for a while, I called upon my good friend google to reveal some other uses in the kitchen for red wine, where I stumbled across a fabulous blog which held the key to my Monday night menu! Check out my pics below:

I added a little zest of my own with some beetroot chutney, avocado and fried egg, mmmmmmm.



Now I guess you are all asking, well what’s the recipe? See the below link for more insight into this mouthwatering menu item.

Red Wine Burgers

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