Prawn Pizazz!

Pizazz: noun; meaning… dazzling style; flamboyance; flair; vigorous spirit; energy or excitement

This colourful, mouth watering recipe is tasty and fresh – perfect for summer.


Serves 2


12 prawns (peeled and deveined)


Small bunch of coriander
1/4 small red onion chopped
Juice of half a lime
1 tablespoon of BBQ sauce
1 tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce
1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
1 teaspoon olive oil

Garlic Butter

2 small garlic cloves (crushed)
2 teaspoons of butter


1/2 a mango diced
1/2 an avocado diced
1 Roma tomato diced


Boil water for rice.

Prepare marinade and coat prawns, place in fridge for 10 minutes.

Prepare salsa and put to the side.

Cook rice in boiling water for 12 minutes.

Prepare garlic butter and place in frypan turn heat to high.

Add prawns to garlic butter and cook on one side until you see the flesh on the sides turning white. Turn prawns and cook for a further minute until the flesh is all white.

Drain rice and serve on a plate topped with prawns. Serve salsa on top of prawns or to the side.


I found this groovy chef tool today which I still need practice using but it complimented the taste and presentation of this dish nicely. It’s called Cecilia Chef’s Quality Cream.


There are so many flavours in this meal, you don’t need to eat too much as it is so satisfying.

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