After discussing the beauty of boutique cafes with author of I Spy Plum Pie Liz Brant, I consulted my good friend Google and discovered a gorgeous boutique cafe in Wembley, Perth. A mother and daughter partnership combined a love of knitting and food to create Woolley Latte’s Cafe.

On a whim I called Mum and Dad to see if they’d like to join me on my foodie adventure to discover what I’d been missing in foodie land. I had secretly hoped my mocha would come dressed in a woollen warmer featured on the cafe’s website and was delighted when it arrived all cozied up in its green jumper.

This eclectically laid out knitting boutique and coffee house features a variety of seating styles (my personal favourite cafe design). My Dad, who worked in the wool industry for over 30 years, gave us a run down on some of the wools and how they had been prepared.

Mum and Dad had a late morning tea of coffee and lemon cake and I had an even later breakfast consisting of a breakfast wrap which was deliciously prepared and complimented nicely with sweet and spicy green tomato chutney.

The cafe reminded me of a book I read a while ago called The Friday Night Knitting Club, which has inspired me to create a Book Club page on garnishfood blog, if anyone is interested in sharing/recommending their latest reads contact me at foodieatgarnishfood@gmail.com

Needless to say I recommend Woolley Latte’s to my Perth readers and any visitors from out of town. I look forward to sharing a coffee and a bite to eat here with my friends.

There are also knitting classes here which might be worth a try!

Plus all day breakfast!








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