Little Creatures Brewery – it wasn’t to be… Barque saves the day!

Excitement and Intrepidation

I’m taking garnishfood blog to new heights and making the most of this beautiful sunny day.

Sipping on Pipsqueak cider, watching the world go by at Little Creatures Brewery…

Just awaiting table service so I can order my steak sanga!…

The Verdict

…I value a positive outlook in this forum, and in general… but to be fair to the other great places I have written about, I must be truthful in my evaluation of Little Creatures today. Honestly, I’m quite disappointed – I waited half an hour for table service and no one came to take my order, although I noted that other’s were being served around me at random, meaning some had arrived a long while after I had. So I packed up my patience and ventured off to find somewhere that appreciates my business.

The Hero

…It was back to trusty Barque for Crispy pancakes! Welcoming and prompt service, accompanied by the soft soothing melodies of Louis Armstrong in the background. Now that’s more like it!


Barque also features bluesy music on a Sunday arvo! I captured this pic on the weekend, I’m becoming a regular here it seems.


An interesting day…

Stay tuned for my next venture.

What’s your ‘go to’ cafe/restaurant when the chips are down? (pun intended) 😉

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mum says:

    Barque sounds really nice the food looks yummy too and a litte different which is always great!
    Lo Quay in Riverton is always enjoyable, located beside the river it has a nice calming feel, on a sunny day one can choose to sit under the shade sails at the front of the restaurant or at one of the many tables situated on the lawn area under the trees, for those of you with children there is an area with play equipment next door to the restaurant.
    A great way to while way a few hours.


    1. Thanks Mum, good suggestion. We’ll have to go back to Lo Quay soon! Maybe you’d like to try Barque some time as well 🙂


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