Barque Restaurant

On a blustery, early spring day I was one of a few diners at Barque and found plenty of room on the verandah, sheltered from the wind and under a nice warm heater.

The waiter politely pointed out a few items of choice on the menu and helpfully described the crispy pancakes, which I thought sounded delicious!

I was not disappointed in the slightest! These amazing pancakes are fresh, light & crispy and most importantly full of flavour. The restaurant boasts a modern take on Asian inspired cuisine. My last experience here was also a pleasant surprise with the introduction to my foodie vocabulary of an Asian breakfast omelette. This can be ordered with either mushrooms or crab and I have to say, both of these are exceptional. Unfortunately this was a time when I did not diligently record my meals on camera, so you will have to try them for yourselves. I did however manage to snap the crispy pancakes with my iPhone and a few other shots of the restaurant that I have shared below. A picture is worth a thousand words and although I can not promise taste-a-vision or scratch n taste, I can assure you that you will enjoy paying this place a visit.


Thankfully, I remembered this restaurant on Wednesday as I usually think about it on Monday when they are closed!

See their website for more details










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