Sunday lunch at Little Stove


This cosy corner café caught my eye yesterday when Mum and I were waiting for cooking school to open.

One of my favourite features of this place are the many seating options. From rocking chairs and sofas to crates topped with cushions, one can choose their length of stay at leisure. There are also plenty of tables and chairs but the café still maintains a spacious feel.

After working up an appetite cycling to our lunchtime destination, we ordered the lamb burger. The relish and brie cheese complimented the burger well and the lamb was so tender. I liked the fact that the burger patty was not too thick so I could actually eat the burger like a sandwich rather than deconstructing it and eating with a knife and fork. The steak knife was also a fabulous idea as it was sharp enough to cut the burger in half.

I was happy to road test Little Stove today as I am planning on meeting a friend for a catch up soon and this looked like the perfect place. There was a wide selection of teas written up on the blackboard that I’m looking forward to trying.





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