High Tea Cooking Class!


I’ve been so excited about attending my first official cooking class and what a fabulous afternoon in turned out to be!

Walking through the door, we were transported into what felt like the set of a cooking show. The classical music added another dimension and set the scene for a distinguished afternoon of nibbling on deliciously delicate mouthfuls of sweet and savoury delights and sipping tea and champagne… BUT not before a hands on master class where we learnt how to whip up ginger kisses, bagels with smoked salmon, dill & cream cheese, lemonade scones with raspberry chilli jam & cointreau cream, little rose chocolate cheese cakes and my favourite, little spinach and vintage cheddar tarts.

I thoroughly recommend this experience. The instructors were entertaining, informative, helpful and fun.

For more information check out https://www.mattersoftaste.com.au/

“unleash your culinary genius”







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mum says:

    Thanks Janelle, a fun and delicious birthday pressy enjoyed with my beautiful daughter!
    Lol Mum x


    1. You’re welcome, was a fun way to spend time together. Did you end up making the ginger kisses again? xoxo


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