The Raw Kitchen

I found a nice way to chillax on this sunny spring afternoon, surrendering my tangled web of thoughts for a spot in the window of this groovy café. The tunes danced in the background while I read my book and lost myself in the funky décor. Soon my order of nachos arrived. This generously sized meal is full of delicious flavours and textures, consisting of hand-cut dehydrated corn crisps, layered with a spicy ‘refried’ walnut and pepita blend, tomato salsa, fresh guacamole and raw dairy free sour cream, topped with a sprinkling of chives. If you order the large I would say it would be big enough to share as I had the regular. Check out the pic below, yum!


As I was leaving, I bought some chocolate bliss balls for the road. An orange and a mint one. If you are prepared for a healthy, earthy tasting treat – this won’t disappoint. My favourite was the orange flavour. They were great to try, I don’t know that I would be seeking these out if I had a full on chocolate craving though.

Other appealing menu items include: raw pizza, raw soup and some refreshing salads.

See for further information.

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  1. Mum says:

    Mmmm looks delicious……..what constitutes dairy free sour cream?
    Lol Mum x


  2. I’ve never been disappointed with this one, I hesitate to try any other menu items because this one is so satisfying. I read up about dairy free sour cream and found a recipe that creates it using soy milk, lemon and other ingredients. Thanks for your comment 🙂


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