Bistro des Artistes

On the night of what would have been Julia Child’s 101st Birthday, my husband and I dined at the renowned French restaurant Bistro des Artistes. Upon entering the restaurant, I became slightly tongue tied when the waiter greeted us in French! I replied with a very unFrench “Hello, how are you?” In my Aussie accent.

The décor had a provincial French feel and the saucepans decorating the walls reminded me of the Nora Ephron film Julie and Julia. A great story which converges the lives of both Julia Child and Julie Powell in separate eras. Along with thousands of others around the world, after watching this movie, I fell in love with France through the eyes of Julia Child “French PEOPLE eat FRENCH FOOD, EVERY-SINGLE-DAY! I can’t get over it.” and became inspired by Julie Powell’s determined effort to cook her way through Child’s cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. “524 recipes, 365 days, risking my marriage, my job and my cat’s wellbeing, I have signed on for a deranged assignment…”

So, back to Bistro des Artistes:

“Mmm – I read somewhere that it was bad form to say yum when you’re eating, but YU-UM!” (if you haven’t seen the movie Julie and Julia, now is the time!) 😉

Following some assistance in translating the menu, we ordered the dishes pictured below:


Tomato onion tartlet







Plat de jour (dish of the day) Veal Blanquette



Pana cotta


Creme brûlée


What a delicious way to celebrate Julia Child, French cooking and garnishfood blog!

See my French themed gallery for some more photos of the appetisers, pre-dessert dessert and cheese platter, all compliments of the chef. Also including a few snaps of our time in and around the French Riviera (Avignon, Aix-en-Provence and Nice).

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  1. Check out Bistro des Artistes at for further information on dining options and the stories of the two Chefs that founded the restaurant. Note: the menu changes daily. Bon appétit!


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