Cupcakes have become such joyful little works of art over the years. In my research on cupcakes last night, I found everything from cupcakes created like burgers all the way through to more ‘healthy’ watermelon inspired cupcakes.

The beauties below are vintage style wedding cupcakes made by the lovely Sarah at Takes the Cake. They were delicious and came in three flavours: chocolate mud cake, caramel mud cake and vanilla.


I am particularly intrigued by some of the more unusual cupcake flavours I’ve heard of (but not yet tried).

What’s your latest cupcake creation?

Do you have a cupcake recipe you’d like me to road test?

Have you combined sweet and savoury flavours in your cupcakes before?

More to report on cupcakes soon!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sweet C says:

    Have you seen US series Cupcake Wars? There are some pretty unbelievable cake/frosting combos.


    1. Awesome, will check it out!


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