MillPoint caffe bookshop

Today my foodie adventures led me to a book café near the river.


The concept of salad as a meal is really growing on me. I am particularly fond of a warm winter salad with vegetables. The more I cook with vegetables, I discover that each has it’s own unique flavour to admire and savour. Providing they are presented well, these days I find vegetables a pleasant, nutritious delight.

Today’s salad consisted of sweet potato, with feta, pear, walnuts and pomegranate dressing. There was an option to add chicken or salmon, so I went with the chicken. The meal was overflowing with flavour. I was most interested in tasting the pomegranate dressing, which I found sweet and tangy. Sweet potato is proving to have quite a rich flavour and coupled with the robust flavour and texture of the walnuts and feta, I found the meal to be quite filling.

Most of the eating area consists of an outdoor courtyard with both covered and open air options.

After some lunch, I ventured inside to the bookshop and picked up these souvenirs.


Also good to note is the all day breakfast option and delicious healthy smoothies!

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